Buy The Best Trimix Injection for Erectile Dysfunction

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August-26, 2022

We have been using medication to enhance blood vessel circulation in the penis for a long time. Papaverine, phentolamine, and prostaglandin E1 are three of these treatments; Trimix injection online is a combination of all three. Scientists have discovered that injecting these medications straight into the penis can cause a penile erection. 

These erectile dysfunction injections have become more and more popular all around the world since 1983. In 1995, the FDA granted Prostaglandin E1 medical use approval. 

For every man with erectile dysfunction, drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra do not function. Penile injection therapy, however, is yet another sensible choice. Although the idea of getting a needle injected into your penis may seem frightening, around 70% of men are delighted with this treatment because it is  a men’s health medicine. 

How Does Trimix Injection Work? 

Trimix Injection buy online is a sterile injection that combines three drugs from complementary classes that are intended to work together. These are: 


A medication that causes blood vessels to dilate is papaverine (vasodilator). 

By enabling greater blood flow to the penis, it causes an erection. 

Papaverine acts to relax the penile arteries, cavernosal sinusoids, and penile veins, according to in-vitro experimental evidence.


When administered intravenously, it relaxes and dilates the penis' blood vessels and increases cardiac output, which causes an erection. 

Phentolamine rarely has negative side effects. 

E1 prostaglandin 

a strong hormone-like compound that causes erections by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and widening the cavernosal arteries. More blood enters the penis and less blood exits due to higher arterial inflow velocity and greater venous outflow resistance. 

Why Do Patients Love Trimix? 

Patients who buy trimix injections online from us see reliable effects. The following list contains three key advantages. 


The effectiveness of Trimix in treating erectile dysfunction has been demonstrated to be close to 95%.


Trimix users can achieve a strong enough erection in as little as 5 to 15 minutes, making it possible to engage in sexual activity. 


An erection that is hard enough for sexual penetration and lasts for several hours can be produced with trimix injections online. 

Quadmix And Bimix 

Buy trimix injections online it is a highly effective injectable that is routinely recommended to treat ED. It is not your only choice. 

Bimix :- Phentolamine and papaverine combine to form the drug known as Bimix. Men who are sensitive to prostaglandin E1 or who have medical issues that forbid its usage are advised to utilize it. 

Quadmix :-  Phentolamine, papaverine, atropine, and alprostadil are all included in quadmix (prostaglandin E1). The effectiveness of Trimix in treating ED is up to 95%. Quadmix can be a terrific choice for you if you belong to the 5% of males. 

Trimix side effects include:

- A little amount of blood at the injection site, mild to severe pain during the injection, and discomfort during erections. 

- If you see any redness, lumps, swelling, discomfort, or curve of the erect penis, call your doctor right away. 

- If your erection lasts more than two hours, you can take two to four pseudoephedrine 30 mg tablets at once, and you can also use an ice pack. 

- Consult a specialist right away if your erection does not go away in the following hour. Longer than six-hour erections can seriously harm the penile tissue. 

Dosage For Trimix 

We provide the first injection at our office so that we can demonstrate how to administer it on your own at home. It also aids in determining the ideal dosage for your needs. 

Normally, we start you out with 15 units. You can raise the dose by five units at a time until you receive the desired result. Call us and we will prescribe you a stronger dose if you are using 50 units and still aren't obtaining the erection you need. 

A maximum of three injections are permitted each week, but you must wait 24 hours between each one. And for each injection, be sure to switch sides of the penis. 

However, some men find that injectable therapy is not always a viable long-term choice, in which case they may wish to think about the penile implant.

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