Penile Injection Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: BIMIX, TRIMIX, QUADMIX

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August-23, 2022

Erectile dysfunction is frequently diagnosed and treated using penile injections (ED). Before the invention of Viagra, the main ED treatments were microvascular surgery, the implantation of penile prosthesis, psychosocial therapy, and penile injectable therapies. When oral ED medications like Viagra or Cialis are ineffective, the patient's options for further treatment include 1) switching to a different type of oral ED drug or 2) moving on to penile injections. While penile shockwave therapy is gaining popularity as a treatment option for individuals who don't respond to ED medications, penile injection therapy is still the next step in treatment and has a high rate of satisfaction to patients. 


In the field of urology, penile injectable therapies are still a mainstay of treatment and provide the following advantages: 


Penile injection therapy for men's health benefits. 


1) Offers a quick and natural erection that happens 5–10 minutes after injection 

2) To enhance erection duration and hardness, the dosage can be adjusted. 

3) An erection can happen without sexual stimulation or erotic thoughts. 

4) Maintains orgasmic and complete penile sensation.  


Effects of Men's Penile Injection Therapy 


1) Risk of priapism  

2) Lessens the capacity for spontaneity 

3) The medication must be injected into the penis, but it doesn't hurt.  

4) The medication needs to be refrigerated.  


Advantages of TRIMIX over Viagra and Cialis 


Viagra, Cialis, and other ED medications may not be appropriate for all men. Oral ED medications may not be suitable for men with a history of heart attacks or who use nitrates for chest pain. Some men find it difficult to handle the systemic adverse effects of oral ED medications, such as headaches, muscle soreness, back pain, or blurred vision. Penile injections are an option in certain specific circumstances. The mechanism of action and placement of the medicine make penile injection therapy distinct. Unlike oral ED medications, penile injections don't affect the entire body. Injections into the penile cavernosal tissue are confined to that area. 


Penile injection's method of action differs greatly from the standard pathway used by ED medications to aid in achieving an erection. Penile injections may be a safer, better, and more effective therapy alternative for men whose use of oral ED medications is contraindicated due to its lower side effect profile. 


The fear of receiving an injection into the penis is a major obstacle to penile injection therapy. Men who regularly utilize penile injections, also known as intracavernosal injections or ICI, are known to report high levels of satisfaction. Many people affirm that it is possible to make the injections almost painless. 


How to Administer Penile Injections Correctly 


The urologist should provide an in-office test injection by American Urologic Association (AUA) recommendations to determine the following: 

1) How long does the penile erection last 

2) A reaction to the injection 

3) Penile stiffness upon injection 

4) Penile injection technique (where to inject and how much to inject) 

5. Watch out for priapism 

6) Check for pain during an erection. 

7) Examine the penile skeleton 

8) Assure men to administer their injections 

9) Explaining the injection site and method to the patient's partner. 


Components for TRIMIX Penile Injection 


Trimix is a medication for treating erectile dysfunction that is not FDA-approved. Alprostadil, commonly known as Caverject, Edex, or Muse, is the only penile injection medication for the treatment of ED that the FDA has approved. On the other hand, Trimix injection online combines three vasoactive substances. Alprostadil, Phentolamine, and Papaverine are the ingredients of Trimix. Combination therapy refers to all three components working together. Trimix uses a combination of numerous different erection-inducing methods, such as: 

1) Increasing the relaxation of the body's smooth muscles. 

2) Lessening of blood vessels and smooth muscle contraction. 

3) A rise in blood vessel dilatation. 


Bimix Penile Injection 


Papaverine and phentolamine mesylate are the two ingredients that makeup Bimix. 

Men who are extremely sensitive to modest doses of Trimix are eligible for Bimix injection as opposed to Trimix. Men with neurologic injuries frequently need only a very little amount of penile injectable medicine. Buy trimix injection online, trimix dosages as low as 0.1 or 0.05 micrograms can make it difficult for the patient to dispense the medication into a syringe. When you buy BiMix Injection Online you’ll experience a wonderful potential drug to use in this specific clinical circumstance. 


Injection Quad Mix for the Penis 


The only difference between Trimix and Quad Mix is the addition of atropine sulfate. 

Atropine sulfate blocks the smooth muscle control-related nervous system receptors. In combination with the other three components of trimix, atropine sulfate further relaxes smooth muscles. When Trimix fails and a man has taken the recommended dosage, Quad Mix is a fantastic alternative. 


Combining oral ED medications with trimix 


According to numerous studies, men who used a combination of penile injectable therapy and ED medications reported a high level of satisfaction. Men who have undergone radical prostatectomy have tried the following to enhance penile function and penile rehabilitation: Using alprostadil intravenously 2-3 times a week in addition to Viagra TM during sexual activity. It is crucial to remember that Alprostadil was injected on a schedule, 2-3 times a week, rather than during sexual activity. Men who utilize this therapy report high levels of satisfaction, particularly those who had tried and failed oral ED medications and did not want to administer penile injections right before activity. 


Another study employed Cialis (Tadalafil) 20 mg given two hours before sexual activity to treat 35 men who had undergone non-nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy with Quad Mix (papaverine hydrochloride, prostaglandin E1, phentolamine mesylate, and atropine) three times per week ( on days penile injection was not used). With few negative events, this unique procedure successfully communicated a satisfactory level of patient happiness.

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